Saturday, December 31, 2011

Happy New Year!

As 2011 draws to a close, the inexorable march of time once again comes to the forefront of our consciousness. Since the beginning of the week, the wine blogosphere has been awash with posts highlighting "Top 10" lists, year-end wrap ups, and Champagne-education posts. Forgive me, but this won't be one of those.

I choose to look forward in 2012, to a job here in Oregon managing a tasting room, new wines on my radar, and a shift in the tone and direction of my wine blog. I also am setting some goals, both personal and professional, that I will endeavor to accomplish next year. Looking forward, I feel excited and invigorated about the prospects for next year and chronicling it will be very satisfying.

Since the internet wine scene is evolving quickly, so must wine bloggers. As more consumers start to read wine blogs and actively seek out blogs for information, what they read becomes far more important than whom they read. Therefore, the weight of integrity and transparency is upon all of us who call ourselves wine bloggers. Associated with those responsibilities is the need for better writing, and at the very least the use of spelling and grammar checks by most of us. You know who you are.

Part of the change in tone of my wine blog will seem strange to longtime readers, but I hope new readers will find it refreshing, and longtime readers will enjoy what I have to say. Since a large part of my posts are wine reviews, I won't change that focus very much. However, the majority of my wine reviews will not include grades anymore. If I like a wine, I'll recommend it and tell you why I like the wine. On the other hand, if I don't like a wine, I'll be precise as to why I don't like it and obviously will not recommend buying that bottle. In other words, I'll be a stricter critic of the wines I review, while striving to maintain at least a polite tone. What remains to be seen is how the marketing and public relations professionals adapt to that, if they do at all.

The shift in direction of my blog is a goal I've wanted to bring to fruition for a while, to shift away from almost 100% wine review posts to more focus on living in wine country, the people I meet, and finally, living the wine lifestyle. No, I am not writing a book on that, because there are certainly enough crappy books on wine out there already. The shift I'm talking about will be confined solely to my blog posts, and I hope you enjoy them as much as you enjoy my wine reviews.

Beau's Barrel Room wouldn't have survived in 2011 without you, my readers. I want to thank you all so much for taking the time to read and comment on my blog, whether we agree or disagree, I value your thoughts so much. With each post I try to become a better writer, a more engaging host, and a more adept communicator in the hopes that you will keep reading and enjoying my words.

To many of you, I suspect we'll get to share a bottle at some point this year, which only serves to heighten my anticipation for 2012. To others, I hope we finally meet in real life for the first time, because I would love to shake your hand and learn more about your own personal wine journey. To everyone, I offer my humblest Thank You for being a part of my life in wine.

Beau Carufel


  1. Cool beans! I look forward to reading your 2012 posts. Cheers and happy new year.

  2. Happy New Year! I look forward to reading in 2012.

  3. Much congrats to you Beau on your new position! I look forward to seeing the posts in the new year, and hope to improve my grammar and spelling :-) Also hope to share a bottle soon!

  4. Like Wandering Wino, I should really try to correct and improve my grammar and spelling:)~ Although, I want to stay true to who I am...even if that means I often use the urban dictionary more than an unabridged version;)~

    To be honest, I'm glad you're going to write more personal blog posts as opposed to giving just wine reviews. I like getting to know you:-) Also, numbers are boring, so I look forward to hearing why you like a wine (or why you don't) from a more introspective angle.

    Cheers Beau!!!


  5. So grateful for Twitter and meeting you and Becky. Thank you for helping me with panic wine situations and for your great recommendations. I look forward to your 2012 blogs. Cheers to you and Becky.

  6. Wine and women
    Balm for the soul
    This floating world is
    Women and wine
    Just a taste, and now
    Karma leads me to this fate
    Praise the lord, praise the lord!
    To heaven or hell,
    Women and wine,
    You and me, babe
    Till the end -
    With a honey like you
    With me in hell,

  7. So glad we found you! We will be adding you to our blog roll. My friend and I recently started a blog called The Drinking Girls. We started it after we wrote a cookbook called The Drinking Girls' Guide to Spanish Food. We were military wives living in Spain at the time. Now that we are about to embark on a second Drinking Girls' cookbook, we decided to start our own blog and are looking for some great blogs to share with our readers. I still live in Spain and love Spanish reds and love French wine as well. Adding your to our blog roll now! Cheers, Ashleigh & Tiffani, The Drinking Girls

  8. Thank you all for reading my little slice of the web, and for taking the time to comment :) I am very excited about 2012, and I hope we all get to have a great year full of food and wine!