Friday, November 6, 2009

My first blog! (sort of)

Hi! This is my first attempt at making a blog. We shall see if it succeeds or fails, of course I wish it to succeed. I think I should introduce myself first, so you know who's writing these words. I'm Beau. Currently I'm 26, living in San Diego and work for a somewhat unique company. For job security reasons, I won't name them but I'll mention they're a nationwide group of neighborhood stores. In the interests of full disclosure though, I will mention I have worked in the wine business for 7 years (no, that isn't a typo). Even at my current job I'm involved in wine to an extent, though much less than I'd like to be.

So what should you expect to see (on a somewhat regular basis)? I love many things, but few more than: Wine, Travel, Sports, Cars and Food. Those are what I imagine most of my blogs will be about, and I promise to make every effort to update as frequently as possible. Please remember that the opinions posted here are mine and mine alone, they do not reflect those of my employer or anyone else. If I quote someone else, I'll fully disclose that.

Well let's keep it concise for my first time (that's what she said!) and leave it at that, expect the first real blog post to come within the next few days after I taste some wines I bought today at San Diego Wine Company. I highly recommend them if you live in San Diego and love to get super deals on wine.


  1. Love the San Diego Wine Co.
    Great product as a terrific price.

  2. You and I will become BFF because:
    A) I not only know of, but LOVE Biale!
    B) I went to college (some of the time) in SD and lived there for awhile afterward.
    C) You're in the wine biz, and I want in to the wine biz
    D) When I set up my wine blog I used this exact same Blogger template. I'm working on the personalization but internet skillz are weakened post-Zinfandel.

  3. Your logic is impeccable! All I can do is not my head in agreement.