Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Drink Wine with Dinner Day...

At first, I thought, "no shit, of course you drink wine with dinner".

Then I realized that my attitude is the result of my upbringing, my passion, and my education. Many people out there, probably about 220 million of them, do not in fact drink wine with dinner very often. Sure, wine is a natural and even essential part of a meal in France, Italy, Spain, and indeed all over the world. Perhaps our misguided societal approach to alcohol has kept us the "Coca-cola nation", but change could still happen.

Enter Rosina Wilson, a veteran wine wine writer and educator. Despite this summer's assault of "______ Day" promotions, we get another one. "Drink Wine With Dinner Day". So in the interests of spreading the word, of hopefully working to get just one or two people to switch to a good bottle (notice, I didn't say pricey) of wine for dinner instead of that two liter bottle of Coke, I (re)post the following press release:

Wine Writer Rosina Wilson Announces August 15, 2011 as “Drink Wine with Dinner” Day
Specific day selected to pay tribute to Julia Child

August 9, 2011 (San Francisco, CA) – Veteran wine writer and educator Rosina Wilson announces a new holiday ~ “Drink Wine With Dinner” Day ~ to celebrate the pleasures of wine with food. August 15 has been selected as this new holiday in recognition of what would have been Julia Child’s 99th birthday.

“For decades, Julia Child showed America how natural and enjoyable it is to drink wine with dinner,” says Rosina. “And I’ve always considered Julia my mentor, as well as my inspiration for embarking on a culinary career. What better reasons could there be for creating a day of joy and feasting ~ in Julia’s honor, and on her birthday!”

“Until now,” Rosina remarks, “there has been no official celebration to bring wine to the table. “Drink Wine With Dinner” Day will unite like-minded people throughout the world who love wine, love food, and love how much each can enhance the other.”

For those who want to take part in “Drink Wine With Dinner” Day, Rosina assures that “it doesn’t matter *what* you plan, as long as it involves wine, food, and people. It can be an upscale dinner at a restaurant or winery, with a different wine for each course. Or it can be a down-home backyard barbecue with friends, and a favorite value-priced bottle or two.”

Rosina is using the immense power of the Internet to establish “Drink Wine With Dinner” Day worldwide. On her blog, and on Social Media platforms such as Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn, Rosina has invited restaurants, wineries, and individuals around the globe to create their own meals and tastings ~ then notify her, and also notify *their* personal and Social Media contacts.

Rosina then re-posts the information ~ including scheduled events, menus, and recipes ~ that she receives from her online followers and her “IRL” (in real life) friends and colleagues.

“Each of us is spreading the word about “Drink Wine With Dinner” Day in our own way, with a big ripple effect,” Rosina comments. “I like to think of it as a semi-planned, semi-spontaneous, international ‘flash mob’ of food and wine lovers, springing up on August 15th and celebrating “Drink Wine With Dinner” Day in dozens, hundreds, or thousands of locales around the planet.”

“Being of Italian heritage,” she continues, “I would love to see America embrace the sheer love of wine, and the custom of enjoying it daily at mealtime. This is the norm in much of Europe, and in many ‘New World’ wine-growing areas.”

But in the United States, Rosina notes, “wine still needs to be more widely accepted.” She views “Drink Wine With Dinner” Day as “a great opportunity not only to enjoy a special meal with special people, but also to help strip away the ‘intimidation factor’ that has kept so many people away from wine.”

“After all,” she continues, “every one of our 50 states now produces wine. Mainstream America deserves to know the pleasures of wine with dinner. And it’s finally time for us to catch up with the rest of the world!”

“I view “Drink Wine With Dinner Day” as a true win-win,” Rosina concludes. “It benefits the consumer; it benefits the wine, food, and restaurant industries; and I’d venture to say that it also benefits the greater good.”

Rosina invites *everyone* ~ culinary professionals and amateurs alike ~ to take part in “Drink Wine With Dinner” Day on or around August 15th ~ “the more, literally, the merrier.” To publicize *your* plans, simply email Rosina ~ at RosinaWilson.com@gmail.com ~ with details about your event or menu. Please include wine-friendly recipes where appropriate. (Rosina will of course credit you fully.) Then tell your own contacts about your plans, and invite them to create “Drink Wine With Dinner” Day events of their own, and to email Rosina with the details. Thank you!

Beau Carufel

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