Friday, April 15, 2011

It's Friday Night and the Morgon Beckons

2009 Joseph Drouhin Morgon
100% gamay, as that is the only grape that you can legally use in the appellation of Beaujolais. Looks like someone took the color purple and ran 10,000 volts through it. Smells like crushed violet petals, spices, gravel, and smashed grapes. You want to shove your nose into the glass as far as it'll go, you want to spend an hour just smelling the wine, searching for every nuanced aroma you can find.

Don't do that, you'd be depriving yourself of something sublime. Take a sip! Feel the velvety ripeness slide into your arms and whisper words like "plum, spice, minerals". In your arms, feel the curves in all the right places, making you want to hug this wine closer to feel its embrace on a deeper level. But wait, here comes something slinky, equally seductive yet leaner, more focused. Your palate can't help but notice acidity and the way she gracefully slides between you and ripeness. Every part of your palate tingles with her presence, yet she too is fleeting. While you sit and ponder what's happening, she slides away and there's nothing you can do about it beyond admire the elegance and grace with which she recedes from view.

So you sip again, once more you experience something wonderful, a wine with soul. There's beauty here, an expression of a grape manifesting as an event. The synergy between emotion and consumption reminds us that  wine does hold a special meaning in our hearts.

Beau Carufel


  1. Killer note. Thanks for sharing this. Electrified purples is quite apt, and I love it when you're ready for a wine to seduce you and it totally delivers.

  2. I was ready, willing, and the wine delivered. That was what I tried to convey, thank you for reading (as always) and taking the time to comment. Have you tried the 09 Drouhin yet? If you do, let's compare notes.