Monday, May 9, 2011

A Great Way To Save Your Wine For Another Night

While at the Family Winemakers of California tasting in March, I met Kristina Irion, the rep for Sabemos Beverages. The company she represents is the local distributor of WineSave, a six liter can of argon designed to act as a barrier between the air and your wine. The can is about the size of a 375ml bottle of wine so it'll fit most places that your wine bottles will. On the back of the box we're told the WineSave works for about 50 applications (up to 50 bottles of wine, then). I'd estimate that over the course of the trial period I've used it about 25 times. At this point it still feels full to me though I have no way of knowing the level of argon inside.

Vinotech, the company making the WineSave, says that the gas inside is 100% argon, a pure, colorless, odorless gas that is heavier than air so it sinks to the top of the wine and stays there until it's disturbed by something like pouring yourself a glass...Or being careless and sloshing the bottle around. The point is that once you squirt the gas into the bottle, be a bit gentle and store that bottle standing up.

What are my thoughts then? I really like using the winesave, and by my highly non-empirical trials, it works like a charm. I've tried the product on red wine, white wine, and everything in between. Granted, it's pointless to use on sparkling wine but does work on dessert wines. I found the directions easy to use and as long as I didn't tip or otherwise overly upset the bottle, they tasted the same on days 2 and 3 as they had on the first day. Call it a success, and a product that does deliver on its lofty claims.

Priced at $39.99, I would recommend this to people who do go through a lot of wine (like wine bloggers) and frequently wish to taste over the course of a few days. It's been very helpful to me and I do think I'll be buying another bottle once this is exhausted. Previously I had used a vacuum system and that's always provided mixed results because the wine never is truly in a vacuum. I'd recommend the WineSave, a good way to save your wines for the next night without worrying about oxidation or spoilage.

I received this can of WineSave as a press sample from Sabemos Beverages.

Beau Carufel


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  2. I was skeptical at first but I gave it about a month of testing and I like the way it works.

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  4. Ok so how is this any different than Private Preserve, which sells for $7?

    I recently tested THe Keeper (Nitro version, but will be buying the argon canister) with not great results...

  5. Never used the Private Reserve system, is the WineSave higher capacity? Is the nitrogen cheaper or more expensive than the argon?